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Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Gracious Day: MOVING ON !
Time: 3:00 AM

I'M MOVING TO Http://s-distinctive.blogspot.com
Please relink :] , Sorry for the inconvenice .

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Monday, December 20, 2010
Gracious Day: My . . . my . .
Time: 1:36 AM

OH ! I like so poor now ): . . . stupid -.- !
Now i need wait one month by one month de pay . Siao liao !
Die liao luh , not enough money spent liao ): . Then Christmas also coming ,
damn it man -.- . OH NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fantastic right ? Oh wow oh !!

Alrights , i had been busy working this whole week . Didn't really accompanied my boy .
Cause he came and stay with me one week due to mom fly overseas .
Sorry yea , been working two jobs .Week days Tempopo Grand . Weekends Traders Hotel
bouquets . But managed to take off saturday and sunday to accompanied my boy and Girlfriend :] . Went east coast had mac for supper , joking over there . Blahs blahs

Saturday :
Woke up then headed Dear's Ah ma house and went down with them to some block party .
LOL ! Waited July and Eddie to come . Was planning play basketball , but in the end basketball no air -.- . Duh ! Play some party stuff that can blow * BO BO .
Was playing crazily with july . Even played it when on bike to Yishun . HAHAHAHA !
Damn crazy luh ! After that went to meet dear's friend Fam , blahs blahs .
Then both of us went to Herderson waves :] . Had small picnic , LOL !
Reached home early due to drizzling :/ . Stupid weather >:/

Woke up by mom's called . She had reached Sg , blahs .
Waited her at home and so on . Prepared and went to Bugis met Dear's Derek .
Had lunch , accompanied Derek played arcade and so . Then decided to watch movie
The Haunted House Project . -.-
At first i thought was a show , then in the end it was . . . was . . . some video -.- .
Oh , never mind :] . After movie met July and Eddie . Headed Eunos supper and headed home .
Simple life and back to normal :] .
And 2 or 3 more weeks i will be come typical school girl again .
Good luck to me for applying the course ^^v


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Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Gracious Day: when hatred fills more and more
Time: 3:59 AM

I didn't want to blog but , i had no where to vent off my angers .
The only place is here , BLOGGER ! MY only vent off place -.- . Pathetic fuck sia .
Eventually was all started with my mom -.- , oh holy god ! Please just save me from her can .
Just moved back not long , her fucking styles are out again . I cannot tolerate her man .
Fuck it ! Always kpkb , knns ! I run home again then she happy is it -.- . CCB !
Fucking dislike her -.- , idiotic ! Always lives in her olden age lives -.- , what the fuck man .
Even granny can thinks better then her , i wonder why is she like this ? Is she living in the
21st century for real ? Or just walking dead , treat it as her olden days and lives it foever
that style -.- . Oh my holy shit luh !

How wonderful if daddy was here ): . Daddy was great , fucking much than her . While daddy
always puts me first and thinks for me . While she ? Herself first ? Or her precious son ?
Perhaps her precious son ? I bet so ? If not she wouldn't say that to me while i was just
a little girl whom don't know anything . Just innocently got hurt by her ? And fucking left a
hatred with me cause of that sentence she gave to me ! Cannot blame anyone else , only herself . She said that from her mouth ! i always remember hard ! Always always remember what she said to me and did to me . I swear i will never never ever ever forget !
Always said daddy not good to me ? Daddy not good to me ? Come on mom ,
daddy was treat me like treasure , daddy understands me more than you ! Daddy always talks
logic , daddy always put me first . Though daddy is always busy , always went out and always came back drunk , but daddy never forgets me . He scared i was bored he asked me go his
office waited for him , he scared i was lonely at home . He got a puppy for me to accompany me . Which it is Huan (: . He scared i not enough money to spent always asked me .
Even he was busy , he would also brought me out . Let's see , how wonderful if Huan was here too . At least it could accompany me now , accompany me when i was alone or sad ?
It might just ran around crazily with me . Like when i was young , but badly .
I didn't have huan nor daddy . I hate to stay with mom , just hate her .
She did so many things made me hate her more and more . I rather i live on own , i rather she don't give me a damn to me , i just don't like her ! Even i was left with no money i
will not turn up to her for her . Cause she will look down on me more ! She will thinks that i cannot live without her . Come on luh , i'm living fucking fine and happy this 4 months without her outside :] .
Forget about it . At least i vent off and feeling better .

My new year resolutions are just firstly get into Simei ITE Business course
Secondly , find a good job with good income .
And so that i can get my good companion doggy ! No matter what , i must earn money and get
SHIH TZU ! If best i would wish i could find a Shih Tzu look like Huan .


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Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Gracious Day: Longing for puppies :[
Time: 1:41 AM

Morining supposed to go for work , but when reached work place say don't have my work
roster name again -.- . So i cannot work , was intending to go home . But before that decision i gotta inform my boyfriend first . So called him and told . After decided to go meet him at Yishun there :] . Went back to his dad's house together . Blahs blahs , and found out that his dad was not
in . Lalala
But in the end his dad appeared . So went down as needed to accompany dear went back to his
HTA for check up as well as sent his mom go work . In the car had a bit of chaos :/ . Ah oh !
Reached Chua Chu Kang and waited dear went in . After he finished , his dad drove us to CCK nearby farm to see dogs :] . But in then end never opened ): . Was kinda disppointed :/.
After that went back dear dad's house ate dinner and rest awhile . Accompanied his dad went

to here and there , after done , He drove us to Pasir Ris nearby farm to see dogs and puppies .
OH YEAH ! There got lots dogs and puppies man . ^^V .

Saw Shin Tzu puppies , so damn fucking cute luh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After kissed one Shin Tzu my boyfriend dare not kissed me . -.-. . . LOL !
Look around dogs till 4 plus went back Yishun again and took rest . Blahs blahs

And home . I'm missing Eric soo !
Don't know is it he fell sleep or went in malaysia -.- . Not even inform me first , fucker sia ! ):

One more days , mom and uncle daddy went to malaysia lor .

And i really fucking hate my brother and get irritated easily by him . CHEEBYE __ !

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Monday, November 29, 2010
Gracious Day: Home sweet home
Time: 10:08 PM


Well . . . I'm finally back to my home and sleep in my blueeee blueeee roommmm ^^ .
Oh yeah ! Kinda miss them eh ?! Hahahhaha !

Actually didn't plan so early moved back to home , but due to mum and uncle daddy need to
go overseas so i got to come back to take care of my stupid brother . So troublesome -.- .
And he spoilt my speakers , search my whole room , made it so messy and dirty -. .
What the fuck sia . __ ! Mother seems changed abit more eh after i ran away from home .
Aha ! I love it ^^ . lalalalas ^^V

Alrights elaborates what i had done the past weeks :] .

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Gracious Day: Double attacks
Time: 7:11 PM

Oh alrights , its been a month plus since i last updated my blog -.- .
  • Well , all the one month long had been working . Went out with girlfriend july , Eddie and my boyfriend :] . Hahahahahas !
  • This year birthday was spent very normal . Cause was ran away from, didn't have much mood to really celebrate it . But yeah ! Still thanks to July , Karen , Eddie , wenliang and dear for accompany me on my birthday :] . Well second day of my birthday i was terribly sick , was headache then stomach was damn fucking pain for the very first time when it comes my period . Oh my ! -.- , Pain . Why do i need do suffer from that kind of pain man fuck it ! Thanks to Eric Soo , my crazy boyfriend who took care of me :] .
  • Went out with friends. The some days with working friends . Oh ya , Lantern festival was actually having steamboat with Lynn , Vincent and Stella . In the stella cause of something went off first , left Vincent , lynn and me . We didn't managed to have steamboat , cause was full house . So went to eat Ramen instead :] . Vincent's treat :]
    Hahahaha , thanks to him man .
  • And one of the day had steamboat with Lynn , Daniel , Christine , Xueling and Sherman .
    Was having fun with them during steamboat . After went to ION find Dharmen they all at
    Guestimo for drinking . LOL ! Nice :/ , talking with them all that .
  • A few days back , brought boyfriend back to my own house to had dinner with my family. For the very first time i brought boyfriend back -.- . Weird atmosphere . LOL !
  • And soon , which is tomorrow , i'm gonna bring him back to have dinner again. Weird atmosphere again , Hahahahaha !
  • And real soon , i will rule the house for one week. Cause mom and uncle will be going Taiwai for holiday trip without my brother . HOHOHOHOHOHO ! He sure die in my hands ! Cause he made my paper stars missing and flay . Nabei . I make sure he pay the price of doing that to my stars !
  • Alright , that's all i guess . got time then upload photos :]

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Friday, August 13, 2010
Gracious Day: Breaking free
Time: 8:04 PM

HELOLOLOLOLOLOLO ! I'm running away from home ^^ , hohohoho !
All thanks to that quarrelled or rather thanks my girlfriend July ?

Anyway i'm happy with what i have now , rather carefree . Indeed !
That's the freedom man . If not i was under her naggings
and live in her era's logic . Fuck it man ! Now its 21st Century okays , hey come on man mom ! Without her i still can rise myself and live on my on alright . Don't always think that you're always right , i'm always wrong ! Now i'm proving you wrong i can survive and live happily wihout you MOM ! But during all this while i got to thanks my girlfriend July who almost ALMOST yang me liaos ! Thanks Edna and Jamie girlfriends let me stay at their house :] . And also my lovely boyfriend Eric Soo ! And other friends who are concerning about me . Thanks you all , cause you all stay at my side support me and help me . Never leave me . THANKS PEOPLE , love loves ! ^^
Gonna really count on myself and lead a new life :] . When the past day wihout ic girlfriends

helped me alot , boyfriend also . Was feeling bad , cause i made them worry and dragged them down tooo :/ . Had been away from home around 4 days , life was kinda carefree :] .
I can be who am i . Alrights , just that the fact is i have the freedom i want now .

So she just fuck off from my life and maybe sometimes a text to her ba ?
Alrights shall update these past weeks things . Some forget already -.-


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Saturday, July 31, 2010
Gracious Day: Key Of heart
Time: 1:57 AM

Working and working . Now finally got time to blog le :] .
hahahahaha ! Cause i also very boring now , so might as well come and blog :] .
Past few days pictures .

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Monday, July 19, 2010
Gracious Day: My greatest entertainment is you
Time: 12:43 AM

Alrights , these few days were kinda okays :] .
3 days never work le :/ , hahaha ! Ooppsie :x .

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Friday, July 16, 2010
Gracious Day: Because of you
Time: 10:36 PM

HEY YO \m/ ! Hahaha !
Had been working all that .

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Monday, July 12, 2010
Gracious Day: Be with you
Time: 1:21 AM

Sunday :
Went to Marina Square met Ah boy , Stanh , Junliang and Jiying (: .
Met Ahboy and Stanh first , went to Kbox . LOL ! They paid for me , so good ! Heheheh !
After kbox met up with Junliang and Jiyjing (: . Had dinner at long john silver while waiting for

my dearest boyfriend ERIC SOO to come , he late again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrrghs !
Never mind this time cause of road block can accept . LOL ! Blahs blahs , went to smoke and
talked awhile , liang and Jiying went off . Left us , talked here and there . Was intending heading
down AMK , but i didn't really feel like going , first i gotta met July (: , second don't really know
that girl . Blahs blahs , so eric sent me back Eunos then say . Blahs blahs , went home changed
and helped my mother fucker set up things . Headed down again .
Met July jiawei and boyfriend . Those two really very funny , Hahahahahahah !
After July and her boyfriend went off , left Eric and me >< ! Nothing to do but talking -.- . LOL !
Then he suggest went to watched movie , so went to Cathy , but time was over . -.-
We reached there 3am already , lol ! Duh ! Wasted trip ! Then bo bian lor , headed to Marina

Barrage there slacked . He damn irritating he di siao me -.- , laugh laugh ! Laughed die you uh !
Walao eh ! Tsk , but i'm sorry okays , i dropped your phone .
( His iphone was dropped down tragically by me :/ ) I'm really sorry ): . Duhs .
And he brought me walked one stupid place where there's water coming put to splashed the plants . then bo bian . CHIONG UH ! -.- LOL !
Blahb blahs , sent me home . Duh ! That dumb never sleep and went to work le . Duh !
Anyway thanks you dear :] and sorry for you phone :/ .

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Saturday, July 10, 2010
Gracious Day: I have got you
Time: 8:17 AM

Nice one man ! I haven't get into sleep yet .
Morning yea ! Yesterday was a busy day at work , godsh ! Damn tired luh !
Cleared up the mess in the bar then went out Cafebiz Alfreseco to help . Duh !
Only myself only ): ! But Oliver got help me (: . Went to Bugis with Yuki and Liang , had dinner

there and headed back eunos . Reached home rest awhile , met July , Alvin daddy and
Xiaoyun mummy ( shall i call her that ? Since Alvin and her together ) Hahahaha !
Chatted awhile and headed . Received boyfriend's msg said wanted meet me , so why not ? LOL ! Arrrghs ! He supposed to come at 245am but he reached that 3 , he always late one !

Kns :/ , he brought me to East Coast Park . Was having fun with him (: . Hahahahaha !
Blahs blahs , then around 6 plus he sent me back .
And now he will admit i am his girlfriend . No more trying , but serious one !
I can fly le , hahahahahaha !

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Gracious Day: This craziness ~
Time: 2:49 AM

Hey yo ! What's up man * the ceiling luh ! * HAHAHAHAHA !
Cause currently at home wah ! LOL !
Oh yea , i just came back . LOL ! But couldn't really get into sleep , ahas !

I'm boring till blogging everyday -.- , gan sianz luh ! :/
Alrights , yesterday i went back Traders Hotel instead of Ashworth . and i didn't inform the

Ashworth supervisior and skipped it :/ . Afterall i still feel traders hotel is for fun to work at .
Heh ! But seriously is fun man ! ^^
After work went out , then waited Junliang to come :] , went to buy cake for boyfriend . Then

headed block 25 to slack and talk with Liang :/ , blahs blahs .
Then met up July and accompained her to change up cause of our suggestions :/ , hahaha !
Sent her to MRT and went back block 10 met ERIC SOO ! ^^ Just nice girlfriend peanut called

me so met up with her , the followed by Edna and Jamie . Went to Paya Lebar had dinner
then for pool :] , sent Peanut home and came back met Eugenn they for the funeral things :/ .
Before went home met boyfriend awhile and gave him the cake , awwww !
Fuck it , the cake was destroyed __ ! -.- Look not nice though and melt somemore , kns !
But Eric still finished (: , that was actually i happy about . LOL ! hahahahah !
Gonna fly up to sky liaos :/ . Blahs blahs , went home changed and go down again met them

Alvin Daddy and Xiao yun came as well , chatted till just now then headed home.
* YAWNS ! Maybe get one or two hours sleep before work ba , heh !
I shall see you girls real soon for some preparations for something , ahas !

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Gracious Day: I want it be mine
Time: 12:23 AM

Finally done with all these over due pictures , not in order seh !
Dulan uploading them , fuck it man ! NABEI ! -.- .
First day work was late , LOL ! Quite easy but tiring then waitress leh . Cause cannot

walk around ? LOL ! Whatever luh , lazy blog now . So byebyes :]
Eric <3

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